Season 2013/14

  1. Football Boots (moulded only).  Only appropriate Astra Turf footwear shoes or runners allowed.  ‘You will not be allowed to play without them’.  ),  Football boots with blades or screw-in studs are not allowed
  2. All Players must wear shin-guards. ‘You will not be allowed to play without them’.
  3. All teams must provide two footballs of appropriate standard and have them fully pumped for each game. 
  4. All players must be over 21 years of age.
  5. Match cards must be completed and given to referee before each game.
  6. No junior players allowed to play unless they are over 30 years of age, and then only 3 allowed per team.  ( these 3 players can be from any league)
  7. No sliding tackles are allowed at any time.  Persons ignoring this rule will be given a yellow card and sin-binned for 5 minutes.  If goalkeeper slides for the ball with his hands, this will not be penalised.  However, if a goalkeeper slides with their feet, it will result in a free kick being awarded unless the tackle merits a penalty.  They will also receive a yellow or red card as appropriate.
  8. Teams that arrive 5 minutes late for games will start with a goal against them.  If they are 10 minutes late 2 goals will be given against them.  If they are 15 minutes late it will result 3-0.  If a team does not show then the other team who is present for the game is awarded a 3-0 win.  The team that does not show up will have 2 points deducted.
  9. No Warm ups on pitch before game.  Teams can use area around pitch for warm ups.
  10. Each team must provide a linesman.  Linesmen should swap sides at half time.
  11. Any player who has played senior or junior soccer this season, cannot transfer to the Astra League.
  12. A maximum of 20 players can be signed by each club for the season.
  13. There are no transfer windows.
  14. In the preliminary league, Three points will be given for a win, and one point for a draw.  Once the full first round of games is played the league will divide into 3 divisions.  Teams will maintain their points status from the first round.  The second round of games in the 3 divisions will have 4 points for a win and 1 for a draw.
  15. If a player receives a straight red card, this player will automatically be suspended for the next game.  If they are suspended during a league game then the ban will apply to the next league game.  If they are suspended in a cup game then they will be suspended for the next cup game etc…  If the referee’s report states that the player deserves a longer suspension, then this will be decided by the committee. 
  16. If team colours clash then the second team on the fixture will have to change their jerseys.
  17. All players must be registered with Glenn Young for 48 hours before they are allowed to play.
  18. All teams are advised to take out their own insurance.
  19. All games start and finish on the hour.
  20. Time wasting on throw-in’s will result in throw-in being given to opposite team.
  21. Time wasting on free kicks will result in ball being hopped between teams.
  22. Time wasting on goal-kicks will lead to the ball being hopped between teams at corner of six yard box.
  23. Substitutions can only be made when there is a break in play and the referee must be informed.   If the referee is not informed then the player coming onto the pitch will be given a yellow card and sin-binned for 5 minutes.  Four substitutions can be made in each half.
  24. Any player whom is banned from any other sporting organisation is automatically banned from the Astra League.
  25. Goal Keepers cannot use Tee’s for goal-kicks or free-kicks.
  26. Teams must have 7 players to start game.
  27. Referees must be respected at all times during and after games.  Interfering with referees will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  28. Teams will have match cards which must be filled out before kick off and given to referee before game starts.
  29. Team manager to text in goal scorers names and goals scored
  30. Cost of team entry is as follows - €140 deposit per team to cover last two league games. €70 per team/game payable to referee before game starts.  Non payment of match fee in full will result in points deduction for the relevant unpaid team. 

Thank you for your co-operation

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